A Young Gabrielle Teen Model

By , 06/19/2011

Visit: gabrielle-teen-model.com

Perhaps you may know who Gabrielle is, if not you are in for a young models treat!  The photo above is Gabrielle (Gabe) as a 14 year old model when she first started out posing for the camera.  What poise, what eyes, and what a figure!

Gabby has a vast amount of photos and videos available at her site, click here to gain access.  If you are wondering what a real teen model looks like, then check out Gabrielle teen model,  she is epic!

Young models is Ms. Gabe!

6 Responses to “A Young Gabrielle Teen Model”

  1. Teener says:

    Good thing I’m not driving while looking at this on my smart phone. I’d steer right off the road!! hehe

  2. Models says:

    superb looking sexy

  3. teenadore says:

    wow- if only all teen models had such a voluptuous figure like Gabrielle

  4. tina says:

    what a beautiful young lady!

  5. Aundrea says:

    Hi, yup this model is spectacular! thanks.

  6. Stephen and Renee says:

    We love your work. Gabe is amazing, and your work with her is very very beautiful. I’ve gotten a couple of her videos lately. Thank you so much. We’d enjoy knowing you. We think this style of photography should be more normal and accepted.

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