Blond beauty Rosie Ford takes the world by storm!

By , 06/08/2011

Latest update of 17yo Rosie Ford!

Incredible blond beauty with a new website:!  ‘Near perfection’ could be used to describe this young model, as the above photo suggests.  Rosie LOVES to models and is very playful for the camera.  A cute smile, a look over the shoulder and a bite of the nail are all a part of the personality of this special young lady.

Rosie also has a cute and sexy video avialable!  RF01 is modeling video where Rosie poses in various glamour outfits, all while showing the camera her personality and positive attitude!  Check it out here!

2 Responses to “Blond beauty Rosie Ford takes the world by storm!”

  1. Nick Moon says:

    Wow, I remember Rosie ford from TTB, she stole my heart there and now she has a whole new site… and I must say it;s even better than before! I am a member of and it rocks! She is wonderful and her debut video is *spectacular*

  2. Teener says:

    She sure has me biting my nails alright!!!! Wow!

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