Blonde Bombshell 16 Year Old Caroline!

By , 05/30/2011

Sweet Caroline bah bah bah… That’s what you’ll be humming all day long when you view the blue eyed beauty Caroline’s photos and videos! An awesome 16 year old model with blonde hair and blue eyes, the proverbial good ole American girl (cue the Tom Petty)!

Caroline has a 1 hour long video available (#FSM22) where she models all sorts of fun stuff including gorgeous glamour dresses, bikinis and some lingerie!  >> Click Here to order!


2 Responses to “Blonde Bombshell 16 Year Old Caroline!”

  1. Teener says:

    What a beautiful, wholesome, blond beauty!! Video you say? 😉

  2. Alan Snowden says:

    I like her very much!

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