Gorgeous AvaGlamModel’s Heavenly Curves!

By , 03/07/2013

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Dressed in an off-white flimsy top and lace panties, AvaGlamModel looks like an angel of beauty descending towards Earth to share her curvy wealth to all!  Alright, that’s overdone, but 16yo Ava is indeed gorgeous and shapely.  Her latest photo set update proves this.  I didn’t know such flimsy fabric existed, but it does and it displays Ava’s figure and highlights her beauty to the MAX!  Check out her high-res photo and HD video update HERE!

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2 Responses to “Gorgeous AvaGlamModel’s Heavenly Curves!”

  1. Teener says:

    Shapely is indeed the word for this beauty. Love the blouse!

  2. pete says:

    superb young beauty lov the top wow its just hit the screen

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