Seventeen Year Old Meagan Busts Out The Spider Dress!

By , 06/04/2011

Meagan goes to the dark side! If Darth Vader had another daughter, Meagan would be her! a 17 year old model that loves to try new things and model in a more unique way to set herself apart from the rest. I think the image above of Meagan in her “spider dress” pretty much sums that up!

Did you know that the “Magnificent Meagan” has 4 videos available?! Yup, and she brought along her friends… Click Here to check em all out! (#FSM21, #FSM25, #FSM29, #FSM34 – with screencaps of each video)

* Meagan is not shy and a pretty daring model, so beware of her vibrant personality!

2 Responses to “Seventeen Year Old Meagan Busts Out The Spider Dress!”

  1. Teener says:

    With that sexy spider dress, she has me caught in her web!! Bahaha 😉

  2. Nick Moon says:

    Spiders scare me, but Meagan is one cute spider in that dress! Webbing in all the right places make this photo set pop! She is a top young models of today!

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