Strike String Bikini Gold At AvaGlamModel!

By , 05/15/2013


That gorgeous long hair, that tiny string bikini and, um, that derriere!!  16yo Ava of is nothing less than a lady, but she understands glamour modeling and does her best to create striking images.  I’ll say, and she’s sure learning and perfecting her craft.  Yeah, she works hard, but she also benefits from her natural beauty and amazing figure!  ‘Gifts from above’, I say!  Nevertheless, Ava’s goal is to knock the ball out of the park.  Here’s the world’s next big home-run hitter!

Take Ava’s website TOUR!

2 Responses to “Strike String Bikini Gold At AvaGlamModel!”

  1. Teener says:

    Perfect booty too? This girl never ceases to amaze. yikes

  2. jake says:

    what a curvy beauty!

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