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Adorable Haley: A Silvermine Of Cuteness!

By , 07/17/2013


The ever adorable 13yo Haley wearing a silver sequin outfit is a strike-it-rich scenario!  Silver holds it’s value and so does Haley in this early modeling bonanza at FSM!  There are certainly hints of her future website greatness.  You can see it.  Nevertheless young Haley is a beginner here and it’s always best to start at the beginning!  Check out Haley’s Portfolio HERE!

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Super Cutie Haley: Brighter Than The Florida Sun!

By , 04/30/2013


Like a ray of sunshine cutie Haley lights up a room!  Her sweet smile never fails to bring a smile in return.  Modeling a lacy outfit is fun for her since she loves all sorts of girly things.  But, look out, she can also be a tomboy with the best of them.  Didn’t know that?  You wouldn’t be able to tell from her beautiful pictures at FSM!  She’s a multifaceted young lady!  Check out her recently posted photo sets at Haley’s portfolio HERE!

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Definition Of Cute & Fun: Haley At FSM!

By , 03/29/2013


Fresh face, cute smile, fun and active… That’s super cutie Haley at FSM!  See the early beginnings of this legendary model.  Young Haley is cuter than cute.  As a matter of fact, my dictionary has a picture of her right next to the word cute!  Alright, so I pasted it in there, but if you check out her photo sets you’ll know why I did!  Check out Haley’s portfolio HERE!

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At FSM, Young Haley Is Cuter Than Cute!

By , 11/24/2012


Check out the cutest model, Haley from her early days!  More sets recently added to her portfolio at FSM!  See where it all started.  The cutest smile, curly hair, just a young model learning her craft!  Take a look at Haley’s portfolio for the latest updates!

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Haley Teen Model Dual Photo Set With Big Sister Kailyn!

By , 11/24/2012


Sister Sister!

The cuteness factor is a 10+ in this teen photo set from the most two popular models ever on the web, Haley and her big sister Kailyn (!  Haley’s portfolio on FSM was just updated with a bunch of new pics including the full set of this preview above!  Go check it out….



Haley + Kailyn = 😀

The Amazing Moni Here At FSM!

By , 11/11/2012


Previously on loan to FSM2, Moni is now back where she belongs at FSM!  The epitome of cute and innocent, nevertheless Moni shows she can glamour model with the best of them!  Wow-worthy bikinis, mini dresses and cute schoolgirl outfits all display Moni’s advanced modeling skills for such a young lady!

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Haley Teen Model Now Featured At Florida Sun Models!

By , 09/29/2012
haley teen model

Haley TEEN Model!

Oh what a cutie!  Haley teen model in her early years around 13 yrs old when she first started modeling.  The flowered bikini look so adorable on her along with those lady Hollywood sunglasses!  All of her photos sets from 13-17 will now be posted at Florida Sun Models!  Click the link below….


13 yo Moni Models A Tan Bikini Indian Style!

By , 01/01/2012

Adorable Moni

Lil Miss Moni is so cute, birds and unicorns give her glitter! One of few young models that can capture the moment like her.  Moni’s professionalism at such a young age will surely make her one of the top models in the industry someday.

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Thirteen Year Old Model Moni Models a Pretty Pink Tube Top

By , 11/06/2011

Super cute Moni!

The uber pretty young model Moni is back modeling pretty in pink! Her shimmering blue eyes match that outfit perfect!  Moni is still a very young model at 13 years old, but she has a very bright future ahead of her as the camera don’t lie.

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13 Year Old Blue Eyed Moni

By , 07/31/2011

The piercing blue eyes on young Moni are just magical!  She is a 13 year old model with a lot of potential!  The camera obviously loves her at any angle, and her blue and white bikini is a perfect match for those pretty eyes and dirty blonde hair.

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