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New DVD!! FSM37 Naomi 2 Is Here!

By , 06/02/2013


WOW! What a cutie!  14yo Naomi is back with another DVD!  FSM37!!  Check it out in the FSM Video Store As you can see in the vidcaps above this doll loves the ham it up for the camera…  All shot in the privacy of her own bedroom!  Plenty of pretty smiles abound throughout this DVD.  Her cuteness is contagious, so make sure you have your shots!  This is an unforgettable DVD, so make sure to add it to your collection, or if you’re a first-timer, you’re in for a treat!  FSM37!!

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Teen Marlin Models The Cute Flowers Outfit!

By , 09/12/2012

Marlin – What a Cutie!

The super pretty Marlin was just updated in the members area of FSM!  This week, the young model shows off her flowered top & bottoms as the summertime is still in full effect!  She is a cutie pie, be sure to check out all her photos by clicking the link below…  😉

Click Here to see more Marlin in the members area!

Introducing a New Model – 14 Year Old Marlin!

By , 03/27/2012

Marlin does a "Jolie"

What a cutie! 14 yr old Marlin has taken the young models scene by storm…  Her look is that of the 70’s, 80’s, and today!  To view more photos of Marlin you must become a member at  While you are there be sure to check out the full roster teen models that will surely be the future of modeling.
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14 year Old Naomi Models a Silver Bikini

By , 05/07/2011

Young models would not be complete without the cute & leggy blonde Naomi!  She loves to model and hopes to be mainstream by the time she is an adult, right now she is a 14 year old model with big aspirations of the runway in Milan.

Click Here to see Naomi model some more fun & cute outfits!  Wanna see Naomi model in action?  Then purchase her hour long DVD video HERE (#FSM32).