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FSM Website Video: Full HD Video Isabelle 001!

By , 08/19/2017

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Check out Isabelle’s exciting Website Video HERE!

FSM Elle 1080p Feature Video!!

By , 08/19/2017

Check out:  DMP Video Store!


Check out Elle’s exciting 1080p Feature Video HERE!

New Website!! Petite And Pretty JackieGlamModel!

By , 05/10/2015


She’s here!  Cute and tiny 17yo Jackie has her own website: JackieGlamModel!  This little darling, all 4’11” of her, jumps into her modeling site with boldness and passion.  Her high-res pictures and HD videos are a leap above her work with the previous (cute) FSM work she did.  Sometimes things just take time.  Jackie found her inner glamour model and she will give you a gut punch of a surprise!  Don’t miss this one!

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Danielle Model Takes World By Storm!

By , 01/10/2014


Such an accomplished glamour model after a rather short while.  17yo Danielle, now has a body of work at!  This tiny model is as hard-hitting as a heavy weight champ!  Not shy, quite intelligent and serious about modeling techniques, this young lady is a sheer pleasure to work with.  The results are in her members area.  But, if you join,  hold on to your hat!

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Danielle Model On Fire In Red Bra & Panty!

By , 08/24/2013


Looking radiant in a red velvet Bra with faux diamond straps and tiny thong panties, 17yo Danielle hits a homerun with the first photo set update to her new website Danielle-Model!  Short yet sleek, modeling this outfit in amazing red heels, Danielle is a sure fire winner!  If this is any indication to the future of her modeling portfolio, then I’d say, hold on to the rails of this roller-coaster!  Incredible HD video update posted too!

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New!! Blond Beauty Danielle Takes Charge!

By , 08/12/2013

New Website! Join!

Introducing a new teen model to the scene: 17yo Danielle of!  While modeling for FSM, blond cutie Danielle said that she’d like to have her own website, a place where she could be more expressive and not be distracted by the clutter of a multi-model website.  Well, I couldn’t object to that reasoning!  Danielle, a rather new model, has advanced her skills rather quickly!  Check out all the photo sets and HD videos at Danielle’s great new website HERE!

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Blond Beauty Danielle Takes FSM By Storm!

By , 08/04/2013


Stunning in a beautiful blue bra & panty set, blond beauty 17yo Danielle is taking the FSM membership by the lapels and shaking them!  Cute as a button, slim and tiny Danielle carries herself like a much more experienced model.  Her modeling style is bold and her poses show a solid understanding on how to glamour model.  And she’s only just begun!  Look out!  Check out Danielle’s growing portfolio HERE!

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FSM’s New Model Danielle: Cute Cowgirl!

By , 07/31/2013


Dressed in a blue jean vest and tiny Daisy Duke shorts, and, of course, a cowboy hat, 17yo Danielle looks like the cutest cowgirl we’ve ever seen.  So cute we had to make it FSM’s latest photo set update of this young beauty.  Danielle, still a new model, jumps right into character and giddyups for the camera.  She’s a natural!  Check out Danielle’s growing portfolio HERE!

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NEW Model! FSM Welcomes Blond Beauty Danielle!

By , 07/24/2013


FSM would like to introduce a new model on the scene:  Blond, beautiful 17yo Danielle!  She’s very excited about her new venture into modeling and I’ll tell you she’s taken to it like a fish to water!  Feeling comfortable in a variety of glamour outfits, Danielle has been able to impress very early on.  Don’t miss her fast growing number of updates at FSM!  Check out Danielle’s portfolio HERE!

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Amazingly Cute And Curvaceous: Heather Now At FSM!

By , 05/15/2013


A naturally blessed and gifted young lady, 17yo Heather now graces the pages of FSM!  A photographer favorite due to her exotic ethnic looks and an almost ‘Pocohontas’ appeal, not to mention curves that are so dangerous the speed limit would be 5 miles an hour if she were a road.  This sweet, but not shy young lady posed in a variety outfits and did a stellar job all the while looking soooo pretty in the process.  Check out Heather’s full portfolio HERE!

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