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17 Year Old Model Rosie Ford in 3D?

By , 08/03/2011

Click Image

Click Image

The lovely 17 year old model Rosie Ford was just updated with a super cute photo and video set!! Rosie has such camera presence that she seems to pop right out of the screen as if she were in 3D!  YOU must check out her online modeling portfolio and her super awesome videos for sale.

Click here for more Rosie!  😉

Rosie Ford Webcam!

By , 07/31/2011

Did you know that 17 year old model Rosie Ford has a weekly web-chat?  Yup, she loves to talk to her fans on her studio webcam as modeling in the long term is her goal, so she loves to increase her fan base.  Smart girl with a mind for business!  The vidcap comes form her most recent chat, how adorable is Rosie?!

Only members of can chat with her.  She has quite the personality and is a funny girl!

* Rosie also has 2 wonderful videos available for purchase – check them out HERE

Lauren Model and her Cute Long Socks!

By , 07/31/2011

The lovely 17 yo Lauren Model loves to show off her latest wardrobe creation!  This time it’s a white hoodie and black & pink long socks compilation which compliments her curves very nice.  Be sure to check out her online modeling portfolio and see what a awesome young model Lauren is!

Did you know Lauren came out with her first ever modeling video?  Yup, LM01 – go check it out HERE.

* she caused quite a stir with her very daring wardrobe choices in her debut video!

Introducing adorable Lauren-Model!!

By , 07/18/2011

Super cutie 17yo Lauren of

Cute and curvy with the sweetest smile 17yo Lauren has a new website:!!  Very new to modeling, but loves the camera and enjoys posing and being upbeat while working this labor of love.  Her website has high-res photo sets, HD video clips and super cute candid photos!  A full length DVD will be in the store soon too!  Watch this new model strut her stuff in cute and adorable fashion!

Young Model Alisha in Purple

By , 07/09/2011

Welcome one of the newest young models to the FSM roster, 17 year old  Alisha! She is a true champion when it comes to modeling bikinis and working the lens.  And doesn’t she look sooooo pretty in all that purple?!  *MUAH*

Click Here to see her photos

Seventeen Year Old Tiffany Proves Curves are in Style!

By , 07/02/2011

Tiffany is a “brick house”! This girl has curves and not ashamed to model them. The typical model has curves and not some waif-ish malnourished thing you see walking the catwalk, that sends such a bad message to future young models.

Click Here to see 17 year old model Tiffany show you how it’s done with her fabulous photos and videos (#FSM21 and #FSM25)!

Seventeen Year Old Meagan Busts Out The Spider Dress!

By , 06/04/2011

Meagan goes to the dark side! If Darth Vader had another daughter, Meagan would be her! a 17 year old model that loves to try new things and model in a more unique way to set herself apart from the rest. I think the image above of Meagan in her “spider dress” pretty much sums that up!

Did you know that the “Magnificent Meagan” has 4 videos available?! Yup, and she brought along her friends… Click Here to check em all out! (#FSM21, #FSM25, #FSM29, #FSM34 – with screencaps of each video)

* Meagan is not shy and a pretty daring model, so beware of her vibrant personality!

Young Models Features 17 Year Old Lauren

By , 05/18/2011

Please meet Lauren, a new 17 year old model at FSM. Real teens have curves!  Her bff Rosie took her on a shoot with her recently and Lauren tried out, and was hooked at modeling!!  😉   Let me tell ya, she took to it like a pro and the camera fell in love with her.  Not bad for her very first young models shoot ever!

Click Here to see more photos of Lauren from this photo shoot.

Teen Modeling Featuring Jenna

By , 05/02/2011

Jenna is a 17 year old model who is a natural at teen modeling. The fire department needs to put out the flames as she models this Red Ladder Dress. A true brown eyed girl with blonde hair and standing very tall, Jenna hopes to continue her glamour modeling career.

Too see more photos from this set Click Here. Jenna also has a teen modeling DVD “Jenna 1” (FSM#23) – more details HERE.