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The Wonderful Chasity Decks the Halls!

By , 12/05/2011

The lovely Ms Chasity Model has updated her awesome modeling website with some spectacular updates!  Some cute photo sets including a sweet candid set taken by Chasity herself, and a super pretty video that melted the photographers hard drive!  …literally!!


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Rosie Ford’s Last Stand?

By , 11/30/2011

The wonderful Ms Rosie Ford has become an adult (18 yrs old) and will be moving on to other things (stay tuned for that!).  But alas, her super pretty website has just become archived and Model Rosie has one last epic photo shoot that has been updated!  Check it out and support Rosie in the future!!

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* The lovely Rosie has 4 videos available! Click Here and (have ambulance on stand-by)

Chasity Model is Red Hot with Beauty!

By , 11/14/2011

click me!

The wonderful Chasity Model is back with a red hot photo and video set!!  Be sure to check it out and support her modeling by becoming a member today!  😉

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* Hey, check out her DVD video store! Chasity has a wonderful video for you!

Meagan is the Boss as a Super Sweet Secretary!

By , 11/12/2011

Who's the Boss?

Super 17 year old model Meagan is literally “The Boss” in this magical photo set at! We have featured Meagan in her Spider Dress in an earlier post, go check it out too! Forget answering the phones, this young model would rather model her cute secretary dress!

😀 Did you know that the “Magnificent Meagan” has 4 videos available?! Yup, and she brought along her friends… Click Here to check em all out! (#FSM21, #FSM25, #FSM29, #FSM34 – with screencaps of each video)

Rosie Ford DVD 4 is Available for Purchase!

By , 11/02/2011

Rosie Ford DVD 04

She got footsies!” A pretty modeling video with leg and foot tease while wearing glamour outfits. Three cute outfits on a playful Rosie who models while trying on various high heel shoes!  😉

I got an advanced screening copy and let me tell ya, Rosie Ford is at her best!!  she really knows how to control the camera with her big blue eyes and bring you into her world or young modeling.  Rosie rocks!


Perky Chasity Models Black for Halloween!

By , 10/31/2011

Black Bikini

Chasity modeling video

The beautiful young Chasity Model looks good in everything, but looks especially wonderful in Black! The dark color just makes her curves pop out at ya! Chasity’s recent photo and video update have her modeling Sith Lord black for Halloween!! 😉

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Lauren Model DVD 2 Available Now!

By , 10/10/2011

Hold on to your socks cause Lauren Model just released her 2nd DVD video! If you are lucky enough to own Lauren’s 1st DVD, then her sophomore debut is much more polished and daring, yikes! A gorgeous and curvy 17 year old model with a super bright future!

Order Lauren Model DVD 2 HERE

Introducing the Spunky Chasity Model!

By , 10/10/2011

Oh my lord! Please welcome the 17 year old model Chasity to her new website –! She is very spunky and perky and super cute! Be sure to check her out and become a member today. High resolution photos and HD videos of the beautiful Chasity! Ain’t she cute in purple?  😉

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* Also check out her 1st DVD video available for purchase! Click Here for more info.

Lauren Model is Pretty in Purple

By , 10/07/2011

cute tan lines Lauren!

The most recent set from Lauren Model! This young lady definitely knows how to work the camera to accentuate her wonderful curves! Even the tan lines look great, most models can not pull that off – but Lauren can! 😉

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* NEW DVD is available for purchase! see it HERE

Awesome Teen Models BFF!

By , 09/24/2011

Lauren Model and Rosie Ford BFF 4 Ever!

Lovely Lauren Model!

Young Lauren Model video

Above is the awesome Lauren Model.  She is only 17 yrs old but models like a pro!  She will go a long way in her career that is for sure.  Be sure to check out her weekly photo and video posts at!

Rosie haz cute feets!

Rosie in a sheer red top!

Ms Rosie Ford above is a knockout!  She is 17 now but has been teen modeling around 5 years already and is a bonafide pro!  She and Lauren are true BFF’s and have even done some shoots together.  Although when these two do a shoot the devil sometimes take over!  They can be very mischievous… 😀  Check out Rosie at her site – and become a member to see all her photos and videos.

* Don’t forget, Rosie and Lauren have special DVD’s for sale too! (don’t have to be a member to purchase)

Lauren Model’s store
Rosie Ford’s video store