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New Website!! Petite And Pretty JackieGlamModel!

By , 05/10/2015


She’s here!  Cute and tiny 17yo Jackie has her own website: JackieGlamModel!  This little darling, all 4’11” of her, jumps into her modeling site with boldness and passion.  Her high-res pictures and HD videos are a leap above her work with the previous (cute) FSM work she did.  Sometimes things just take time.  Jackie found her inner glamour model and she will give you a gut punch of a surprise!  Don’t miss this one!

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FSM’s New Model Danielle: Cute Cowgirl!

By , 07/31/2013


Dressed in a blue jean vest and tiny Daisy Duke shorts, and, of course, a cowboy hat, 17yo Danielle looks like the cutest cowgirl we’ve ever seen.  So cute we had to make it FSM’s latest photo set update of this young beauty.  Danielle, still a new model, jumps right into character and giddyups for the camera.  She’s a natural!  Check out Danielle’s growing portfolio HERE!

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Adorable Jackie Ford: Young Lady In Red!

By , 06/24/2013


Dressed in a bright red lace slip & stockings, cute and tiny 16yo Jackie is epitome of adorable.  In her HD video update at FSM Jackie steals your heart with a smile that could melt glaciers.  She has lots of fun modeling and it shows, flipping her beautiful long black hair aside is a sign of ever increasing confidence in her skills.  You can be the judge!  Check out Jackie’s portfolio HERE.

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Definition Of Cute & Fun: Haley At FSM!

By , 03/29/2013


Fresh face, cute smile, fun and active… That’s super cutie Haley at FSM!  See the early beginnings of this legendary model.  Young Haley is cuter than cute.  As a matter of fact, my dictionary has a picture of her right next to the word cute!  Alright, so I pasted it in there, but if you check out her photo sets you’ll know why I did!  Check out Haley’s portfolio HERE!

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