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AvaGlamModel Is A Beautiful Bikini Babe!

By , 03/29/2013


Sure it’s my personal bias, but do you know many young models who look better in a string bikini than 16yo Ava of AvaGlamModel?  I don’t.  She has the perfect form for such an outfit, plus add her beautiful olive skin tone and you’ve got a winner!  If you’re still skeptical, maybe you need to see the rest of this beautiful high-res photo set?  Check out Ava’s photo and HD video update HERE!

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Definition Of Cute & Fun: Haley At FSM!

By , 03/29/2013


Fresh face, cute smile, fun and active… That’s super cutie Haley at FSM!  See the early beginnings of this legendary model.  Young Haley is cuter than cute.  As a matter of fact, my dictionary has a picture of her right next to the word cute!  Alright, so I pasted it in there, but if you check out her photo sets you’ll know why I did!  Check out Haley’s portfolio HERE!

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Beautiful And Shapely, The Incredible AvaGlamModel!

By , 03/23/2013


Modeling a very loose clothing item is no problem for AvaGlamModel!  Her statuesque figure will  beautifully display any fashion designer’s material even if it is as flimsy as rice paper!  A new model with a fresh, young face, yet the stature of someone far beyond her years 16yo Ava really shines in her most recent photo set and amazing HD video update!  Check it out now!!

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Beautiful And Curvacious Tabitha Now At FSM!

By , 03/18/2013


Recently added to the pages of, was the beautiful and curvy 17yo Tabitha!  A playful model with an incredible figure, Tabby lights up the camera with her smile.  Not shy, she models some amazing outfits which results in a strong portfolio now gracing the members area of FSM!  Check out Tabitha’s portfolio HERE!

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AvaGlamModel: Forever Gorgeous In Lingerie!

By , 03/16/2013


A lacy bustier.  Sheer thigh-high stockings.  Garters.  No one wears an amazing lingerie ensemble like 16yo Ava of AvaGlamModel!  I’m impressed with her modeling acumen at such an early stage of her career.  Of course, the beautiful olive skin, long gorgeous hair, amazing eyes and sweet smile certainly help her!  Take a look at this weeks high-res photo set and HD video HERE!

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Adorable Naomi Stunning In Black Lingerie!!

By , 03/08/2013


A cute and sweet smile doesn’t belie the boldness present in 14yo Naomi when modeling a black bra & panty set with stockings and garterbelt!  Of course, she does it all in her own cute style, posing and smiling the whole way through.  In this stunning video clip at FSM, you can see just what a sweet and bold young lady can do with such a heart-racing outfit!  Check out Naomi’s portfolio HERE!

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Gorgeous AvaGlamModel’s Heavenly Curves!

By , 03/07/2013


Dressed in an off-white flimsy top and lace panties, AvaGlamModel looks like an angel of beauty descending towards Earth to share her curvy wealth to all!  Alright, that’s overdone, but 16yo Ava is indeed gorgeous and shapely.  Her latest photo set update proves this.  I didn’t know such flimsy fabric existed, but it does and it displays Ava’s figure and highlights her beauty to the MAX!  Check out her high-res photo and HD video update HERE!

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The Incredibly Cute & Curvy Meagan Now At FSM!

By , 03/03/2013


Finally gracing the pages of FloridaSunModels, the beautiful 17yo Meagan has arrived!  Long a favorite of ours, Meagan brings her unique beauty, gorgeous curly brown hair and amazing figure to the members area.  This bold model is surely a sight to see, you’ll not want to miss her current sets or future additions!  Check out Meagan’s portfolio HERE!

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NEW! AvaGlamModel Exotic Teen Beauty!

By , 02/28/2013

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Introducing a new teen model to the scene: 16yo Ava of!  Gorgeous young lady with an exotic Mediterranean look: bronze skin, long dark hair and beautiful almond shaped eyes.  Ava has taken to the modeling world like a fish to water.  High-res photo sets and HD videos plus a DVD coming soon!  This darling loves to model.  I think you’ll all agree; we’ve got a winner here!

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More Sweet Stephany, More Cuteness At FSM!

By , 02/25/2013


When she looks up with those big beautiful eyes, 14yo Stephany knows how to flirt with the camera lens.  A very sweet and cheerful young lady and it shows in her modeling photo sets which you can see now at FSM!  Steph’s taste in outfits has always been exotic which explains how she’s wow’d her fans since the beginning!  Check out Stephany’s portfolio HERE!

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