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Seventeen Year Old Tiffany Proves Curves are in Style!

By , 07/02/2011

Tiffany is a “brick house”! This girl has curves and not ashamed to model them. The typical model has curves and not some waif-ish malnourished thing you see walking the catwalk, that sends such a bad message to future young models.

Click Here to see 17 year old model Tiffany show you how it’s done with her fabulous photos and videos (#FSM21 and #FSM25)!

A Young Gabrielle Teen Model

By , 06/19/2011


Perhaps you may know who Gabrielle is, if not you are in for a young models treat!  The photo above is Gabrielle (Gabe) as a 14 year old model when she first started out posing for the camera.  What poise, what eyes, and what a figure!

Gabby has a vast amount of photos and videos available at her site, click here to gain access.  If you are wondering what a real teen model looks like, then check out Gabrielle teen model,  she is epic!

Young models is Ms. Gabe!

Seventeen Year Old Meagan Busts Out The Spider Dress!

By , 06/04/2011

Meagan goes to the dark side! If Darth Vader had another daughter, Meagan would be her! a 17 year old model that loves to try new things and model in a more unique way to set herself apart from the rest. I think the image above of Meagan in her “spider dress” pretty much sums that up!

Did you know that the “Magnificent Meagan” has 4 videos available?! Yup, and she brought along her friends… Click Here to check em all out! (#FSM21, #FSM25, #FSM29, #FSM34 – with screencaps of each video)

* Meagan is not shy and a pretty daring model, so beware of her vibrant personality!

Blonde Bombshell 16 Year Old Caroline!

By , 05/30/2011

Sweet Caroline bah bah bah… That’s what you’ll be humming all day long when you view the blue eyed beauty Caroline’s photos and videos! An awesome 16 year old model with blonde hair and blue eyes, the proverbial good ole American girl (cue the Tom Petty)!

Caroline has a 1 hour long video available (#FSM22) where she models all sorts of fun stuff including gorgeous glamour dresses, bikinis and some lingerie!  >> Click Here to order!


Fourteen Year Old Jordan Goes To The Beach!

By , 05/22/2011

The beautiful beach on a hot day, what else can you ask for?  How about Jordan, a lovely 14 year old model who is a beach bum at heart!  Her blue bikini and that sensational smile made that beach look like “Atlantis” with all her beauty and poise although it showed off her tan lines from a previous shoot.

You gotta see more Jordan, Click Here to view her other photo sets.

Young Models Features 17 Year Old Lauren

By , 05/18/2011

Please meet Lauren, a new 17 year old model at FSM. Real teens have curves!  Her bff Rosie took her on a shoot with her recently and Lauren tried out, and was hooked at modeling!!  😉   Let me tell ya, she took to it like a pro and the camera fell in love with her.  Not bad for her very first young models shoot ever!

Click Here to see more photos of Lauren from this photo shoot.

Fifteen Year Old Marsha Modeling a Micro Green Bikini

By , 05/13/2011

You may recognize Marsha from our first young models post.  She is one of the best young models today, the camera loves her and it shows as she displays the popular micro green bikini.  Marsha does not mind being a little daring in some of her sets as she is more of a free spirit and an old soul at heart.  You will never forget her…

Click Here to see Marsha model an assortment of clothing in her photo sets and be sure to check her out on video, Marsha has 2 available for sale (#FSM20 and #FSM24).

14 year Old Naomi Models a Silver Bikini

By , 05/07/2011

Young models would not be complete without the cute & leggy blonde Naomi!  She loves to model and hopes to be mainstream by the time she is an adult, right now she is a 14 year old model with big aspirations of the runway in Milan.

Click Here to see Naomi model some more fun & cute outfits!  Wanna see Naomi model in action?  Then purchase her hour long DVD video HERE (#FSM32).

Teen Modeling Featuring Jenna

By , 05/02/2011

Jenna is a 17 year old model who is a natural at teen modeling. The fire department needs to put out the flames as she models this Red Ladder Dress. A true brown eyed girl with blonde hair and standing very tall, Jenna hopes to continue her glamour modeling career.

Too see more photos from this set Click Here. Jenna also has a teen modeling DVD “Jenna 1” (FSM#23) – more details HERE.

Teen Amanda Models White Tassles

By , 04/28/2011

Amanda is a 14 year old model who is a natural in front of the camera!  She loves to model and it shows with her experience (even though she has very little so far).

CLICK HERE to see more of Amanda’s online portfolio and see how she is evolving as a glamorous young model.

** Amanda has her 1st video available for purchase!  #FSM35 – An hour long shoot of the lovely Amanda modeling 12 cute outfits! Click Here to see screen captures from the video.
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